Original article: https://jingyangli.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/ie11-install-problem-neutral-package-installation-failed-exit-code-0x00003715-14101-and-setup-exit-code-0x00009c59-40025/

  • Step 0. ‘mklink /D c:\Windows\SysNative c:\Windows\system32’ in an elevated Command Prompt as you advised. But I had to do a few more bits for it to work for me.
  • Step 1. Download a copy of IE11 from Microsoft and Run the IE11 installer and wait until it gets to the ‘Install Internet Explorer 11’ prompt. Do not close this window.
  • Step 2. Go into ‘C:\Windows\temp’ and look for the most recently created folder with ‘IE’ at the beginning of it’s name. E.g. ‘IE1CF18.tmp’.
  • Step 3. Go into that folder and verify that you can see the following two .cab files; ‘IE11-neutral.Downloaded.cab’ and ‘IE11-neutral.Extracted.cab’. If you do, then carry onto the next step. If you don’t, then go back a level and try one of the other similarly named folders.
  • Step 4. Use that folder name to create the path for the .cab files to be installed from. E.g.: C:\Windows\temp\IE1CF18.tmp
  • Step 5. Now, substituting my example path with the one you determined in the last step, run an elevated Command Prompt and enter the following commands in the order listed:

                1. dism.exe /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\Windows\temp\IE1CF18.tmp\IE11-neutral.Extracted.cab /quiet /norestart

                2. dism.exe /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\Windows\temp\IE1CF18.tmp\IE11-neutral.Downloaded.cab /quiet /norestart

  • Step 6. When done, return to the ‘Install Internet Explorer 11’ prompt and click ‘Install’. With a bit of luck it should successfully install.