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This still is not a good solution.  It does not fix any mappings a user might have set themselves as I have no idea what they are.  So the hanging still occurs when those drives are missed.    It also will not fix the issue for people outside our corporate site who map drives to our server as I have no idea who the are, what letters they are mapping. Each of our sites uses it's own logon script and will not run ours - which I fixed. 

REM Windows 10 update 20.04 introduced a new key and value, it does NOT work on 2003 servers

REM The below commands delete the value and key. 

REM Without deletion the script wil take 10 minutes to run and connections will not work 

REM Only necessary to run on Windows 2003 mapped drive letters

reg delete HKCU\Network\h /v UseOptions /f
reg delete HKCU\Network\j /v UseOptions /f
reg delete HKCU\Network\n /v UseOptions /f
reg delete HKCU\Network\w /v UseOptions /f

For the hell of it I put the SAME commands at the BOTTOM of the script so that the keys are again deleted AFTER the mapping creates them. 

For our site I did the following:


reg delete HKCU\Network\P /v UseOptions /f

net use P: \\SERVER\p

reg delete HKCU\Network\P /v UseOptions /f


This allowed the mappings to work after 2 reboots.  You have to do this for every drive map that is going to the SMB1 server so if there are 3 drives mapped to "SERVER" and that is the Practice Partner server then the above will need to be done for all 3 drive mappings.