To add a handout for Patient Education:

1. Create a handout in HTML format using Word, FrontPage, or an HTML editor, or download a

handout from the Internet.

2. Copy the handout HTML file into the relevant Patient Education sub-directory. For example,

the aha sub-directory has the adult handouts, and the pha sub-directory has the pediatric


3. Add the title of the handout, and its sub-directory and filename, to the relevant textual index

file. These textual index files are found in the Patient Education directory. For example the

index file for adult handouts is named crs_aha_index.txt.

4. If you are currently running Patient Education, close the program.

5. Run the CRSINDEX program from the Patient Education part of the Start Menu.

6. Select the module that you want to rebuild from the list box.

7. Select Topics > Clear Index. The module is removed.

8. Enter the name of the module that you want to rebuild in the Module Name field. Enter the

subdirectory name of the module that contains the handout you added, in the Module

Directory Prefix field. For example, enter aha.

9. Click the Create button. The module is rebuilt and redisplays in the list box.

10. Select the reloaded module from the list box.

11. Select Topics > Build Index.