How to Query MBWIN for Procedure information:


From the menu bar select Reports

From the Drop Down list select Medical Billing/Query

Begin new query

You are now on the Query screen.

Populate the screen with the information you want to see in the report:

  • While cursor is in the first field, click the Names button
  • You are immediately in that “Account Information” section. Scroll down to the “Charges” section.
  • Select the Procedure Code then click the OK button. The “Procedure Name” field will show up in the first field of the query screen.
  • Type a “Y” in the Count box.
  • Put your cursor in the second field of the query screen.
  • Click the names button. You will be in the charges section.
  • Select the Posting Date then click the OK button. The “Posting Date” field will show up in the query screen.

Your screen should look like the above. There is more you can do with totals and sorts. To keep it simple we looking for a single procedure so we won’t use total and sort.

  • Click the Conditns button.

The condition screen lets you tell the query what information you want to see. Rules for using dates in condition criteria are “never use “/”s or “-“s, and use 2-digit year.

· On the condition screen click the names button.

· Scroll down to the “Charges” section.

· Select the Posting Date.

· The condition criteria is EQ (equal to), NE (not equal to), LT (less than), GT (greater than), LE (less than/equal to), GE (greater than/equal to). If you wanted see a particular procedure for the month of December 2006 my criteria would be:

This is saying we want all procedure codes that are equal to 00100 between November 30, 2006 and January 01, 2007. The results should be every procedure 00100 done in December 2006.

· Click OK

· Click OK

Save the query.

Name the query/Give the query a description

Run the query