To add a Guarantor in Practice Partner, start by going to

File > New Guarantor

There are three fields that are required, however it is recommended to fill out everything on the General tab.

The Billing tab has several settings.  The Print Statement setting tells the program whether or not the Patient will get billed.  The address section seen below is to enter an alternate address/organization if billing someone other than the patient.  There is a checkmark for Finance Charge if the patient is set to accrue interest.  The minimum payment field is for a budget account.

On the Other Data tab, data can be entered in user-defined fields.  The system administrator can customize these user-defined fields to meet the specific needs of the organization. The users access level determines whether they can use the Other Data tab

The Notes tab you can choose to view current notes or archived notes.

To add a new note, click the ‘new note’ button. The following will show you what the new note screen looks like.

When you add a new note to the Guarantor screen, the box below will pop up.  There is a place to add an active and expiration date.  The function drop down allows you to designate where the note is displayed. 

On the Financial Summary tab, you can view a summary of a guarantor's financial history. Information displayed on this screen includes last insurance payment amount and date, last insurance claim, charges, budget plan information, and aging data.