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Medical Billing

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The ledger will only display the ICD9 code on some triad mapped diagnosis codes.


ICD9 code was allowed to populate in the Office Code field when mapped.


1. Follow the menu bar path Maintenance> Diagnosis/Problem Codes.

2. Ensure the “Office Code” radio button is selected.

3. Locate the ICD9 office code that needs to be changed.

4. Open for edit.

5. Change the "ICD-9 Code" field that contains the ICD9 code by adding or removing digits.

6. Click OK to save.

7. Click the New button.

8. Click the Advanced button.

9. Key the ICD10 code to add.

10. Click search.

11. Highlight the record desired.

12. Click OK.

13. On the diagnosis code maintenance screen populate the Office Code field with the ICD10 code.

NOTE: If the Office Code field comes back with ICD9 in it, replace with ICD10 (this step appears to be easy to forget).

14. Click OK to save.