What causes the ePrescription to sent 99 for the number of refills?

Problem or Issue 

Whenever a prescription is sent with the PRN box checked (PRN => as needed), it sends 99 for the number of refills.  The same is true for refill requests coming from the pharmacy. 


When you approve an ePrescribing refill request, you will be approving one more fill than the number of refills listed. For example, if an Rx is renewed with 1 refill, this will authorize 2 total prescription fills by the pharmacy. If the number of refills is zero, then only 1 Rx fill will occur. This corresponds to standard conventions on written prescriptions, but is emphasized here for clarity.
Practice Partner translates refills>=99 as PRN (taken as needed) when sending back refill requests to pharmacies.


Software Versions  

9.5.0 and higher