Import Forms

You can use the Import Forms utility to import into Medical encounter forms created on another system. Typically, you will use this utility to import forms that have been supplied by your dealer or Practice Partner.

From outside form library files, the Import Forms utility copies the forms that you specify into active Medical Billing database files.

These are the outside form library files:





To create these files for transport to another system, copy the active form files to the "03" files. These are the active files:




To use the Import Forms Utility:

Back up your Medical Billing database.

Select Maintenance > Utilities > Import Forms. The Import Form From Temporary Library screen appears.

In From Form Type, specify the type of form to be imported:

To import an insurance form, type I.

To import a patient statement, type S.

To import an encounter form, type E.

In Form Code, type the ID of the form to be imported.

In To Form Code, type the ID to be assigned to the imported form. To retain the form's original ID, leave this box blank.

Click OK.

When finished with the utility, log off and restart Medical Billing.