Server Migration Procedure CTREE version
versions 95x and 11.0 to 11.2

Practice Partner / Medisoft Clinical

Always have a good backup of Ppart. This is Critical!
If you are upgrading v11 to v11 then all you need to do is the server migration and go to STEP 2.

1- Upgrade PP or Medisoft Clinical on OLD server to match the version you will install on the new server. When completed site should work in it for a period to verify the upgrade was successful.
NOTE: If you are upgrading 95 x to v11 and doing a Server Migration It is recommended not to do the migration to a new server without verifying the upgrade for a period with the site using the upgrade. This will eliminate items to trouble shoot issues if they occur.

After it is determined that the Upgrade was successful.

2- Backup original database (PPART) on old server. Verify what patches are left and note that for reference to patch to that point in the clean install. A screen shot will help at this point.
3- On new server, install PP or Medisoft Clinical Client and SERVER
4- Verify the new install works and you can login to the application.
5- Install all of the additional software i.e. ePrescribing and interfaces you have installed on the old server named the excat way, if unsure ask.
6- verify all is working. Once that is done shut down the pmsi services on the new server.
For the next step refer to this document after reading 6a
6a-Run patches. Even if you were fully patched you need to do this step.(If you were patched POST 4/5/2017 patch to that point and make sure you have patched to the same point. Be sure to follow the directions for the 4/5/2017 patches as ALL patches must be installed prior to the 4/5/2017 Server and Client install.
7- After ALL patches have been installed to the same point(Step #2) as the old server TEST you can log into the client. If successful Rename the new ppart to i.e. ppartnew. DO NOT DELETE the new clean install(ppartnew) you will need some files from it later.
8- Copy the ppart from the old server onto the new server.
Rename the following files from the migrated PPART
NOTE: Do Not rename the template.config
Additional files to copy from the newly installed PPART Step #7: now named ppartnew
· Serverinfo.ini
· Servers.config (if present)
· Pmsi.ini (Note if there are any exceptions in the oldfile)
· networkingConfig.ini
· If pathing has changed, mrpath.fl and mrconfig.fl
· If c-tree server install, ctserver.fl (also remove *.fcs files from ppart prior to start of ctree service)

9- Start the PMSI services
10- If services start Open client and login

If Webview change networkingconfig.ini on the webview server located in this folder C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WebView\WebViewLink\bin

-------------------------- Server Migration to 11.2---------------------------------------------------------------------------

For Production or Test follow your specific plan
NOTE: If you already are on 11.2 then follow the Test Plan and Activate in External systems after patching.

11.Production-To create a Production environment
Obtain a copy of MigrateToEnterpriseRx.exe from the support website. NOTE: It is important
that you obtain the exe that says “MigrateToEnterpriseRx.exe” for production sites.
· Place this in the ppart folder.
· Double click on that file. This completes in a moment.
· Install all patches.
Next, you will activate in the External systems of the application
Then you will from the command prompt run RegisterToEnterpriseRx.exe and follow the instructions in the guide.

11.TEST – To create a test environment
 Obtain a copy of TestEnterpriseRxPatches.exe from the support website. NOTE: It is important
that you obtain the exe that says “TESTEnterprisePatches.exe” and NOT the standard for production
Place this in the ppart folder.
Double click on that file. This completes in a moment.
Install all patches.
Test logging into the application
-------------------------This concludes installing a  Ctree installation and Upgrading to 11.2.-----------------