The error can very some but some thing like this.

Everyone out of applications interface off pmsi services  off

P:\ppart>ren arecit99.* arecit42.*

P:\ppart>ren arclam99.* arclam49.*

P:\ppart>ren arclhr99.* arclhr42.*

P:\ppart>ren arclpc99.* arclpc42.*

P:\ppart>ren arclpx99.* arclpx42.*

P:\ppart>copy ctempty\arecit00.* arecit99.*

P:\ppart>copy ctempty\arclam00.* arclam99.*

P:\ppart>copy ctempty\arclhr00.* arclhr99.*  it only has dat

P:\ppart>copy ctempty\arclpc00.* arclpc99.*  it only has dat

P:\ppart>copy ctempty\arclpx00.* arclpx99.*  it only has dat

Turn pmsi services on  Then on Billing

Maintenance < Utilities <  Mark Accounts With Unbilled Insurance

Hit Ok this will take some time.

Then attempt to run the claims.