To add the permissions to the following folders with the following principals do the following on the below folders (Advanced users may skip this section):

Open File Explorer

Navigate to the folder you will be changing permissions on

Right click on the folder and select Properties

Click on the Security Tab

Click the "Advanced" Button

Click the "Change Permissions" button

Click the "Disable Inheritance" button

When asked, select "Convert inherited permissions into explicit permissions on this object"

If one of the below principals is already in the list, you may select it and click the "Edit" button

Click the "Full Control" check box and Click the "OK" button

For any of the below principals that aren't already in the list, click the "Add" button

Click the "Select a principal" link at the top of the next window

Type in the principal you would like to add and click the "OK" button - (Alternately you may choose the "Advanced" button then click the "Find Now" button to show all the choices; this will show you all the principals that are in the "From this location" section. You may then select the principal(s) you would like to add then click the "OK" button)

Check the box next to "Full control"

Click "OK"

Once you have added all the principals you would like to add, check the box next to "Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable enreies from this object"

When it is done, click the "OK" button and move on to the next one until all the folders have been completed


Permissions to add for Practice Partner (Full Control for all):


Network Service


Domain Users

Authenticated Users


Add Permissions to the following folders:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Objects (if it exists)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\McKesson

C:\Program Files (x86)\McKesson



Disable DEP:

Windows 10 and 11

Hold down the "Windows" key and press the "R" key and let go

Type in "systempropertiesadvanced.exe" (without the quotes) and click the "OK" button

Under the "Advanced" tab, click the "Settings" Button

Click the "Data Execution Prevention" Tab

Ensure that the "Turn on DEP fro essential Windows programs and services only" radio button is selected or select it

Click the "OK" button until the windows are all closed.


In addition to the above, do the following in Windows 11:

DEP in Windows 11

Click on "Start"

Type in "App and" (it will fill in App and Browser Control for you) select App & Browser Control

Under "Exploit protection" click the link "Exploit protection settings"

Under "Data Exploit Protection (DEP)" Change the drop down to be "Off by default"



Disable Windows Firewall in Control Panel

Hold down the "Windows" key and press the "R" key and let go

Type in "control.exe (without the quotes) and click the "OK" button

Click on "Windows Defender Firewall"

Click on the link on the left hand side "Change Notification Settings"

Uncheck any selection boxes and select the radio button "Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) in all the sections (Private network settings, Public network settings and Domain network settings